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Nocturia is a urinary condition that involves waking during the night because of an urge to urinate. This condition occurs as a result of excess urine production or low bladder capacity. Nocturia causes patients to wake frequently and may interfere with the ability to get a decent night of sleep.

Causes of Nocturia

Patients with nocturia tend to produce excessive amounts of urine each day, which may increase even more at night, beyond the capacity that the bladder can hold. Nocturia tends to affect older patients and may be due to:

Nocturia may also be a side effect of certain medications.

Diagnosis of Nocturia

To diagnose nocturia, a physical examination is performed and the doctor may perform a urinalysis to check the urine. Patients may also be asked to record the amount of fluid consumed and urine voided throughout a two-day period, which can help the doctor determine the potential cause and recommended treatment.

Treatment of Nocturia

Treatment for nocturia depends on the cause of the condition, but may often include simple lifestyle changes such as:

  • Restricting fluids in the evening
  • Elevating the legs
  • Taking afternoon naps

Medications may be prescribed to relieve an overactive bladder or decrease urine production. Treating the underlying condition may also help to alleviate the symptoms of nocturia.

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